Thursday, August 13, 2020



With the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution, foreign consulting engineers company left Iran and Lar Consulting Engineers Company was established in order to complete and solve the executive, research, and construction problems of Tehran regional water company and substituted Alexander Gape Company. Since then, the company has undertaken the executive responsibility of over 400 projects. Most of these projects have been commissioned successfully with favorable results and outcomes. Among these projects we can refer to the installations of supplying and transferring the water of Tehran (dam and network) as the first consultant in supplying the water of Tehran.

In 2004, the governmental shares of Lar Company were transferred to private sector based on the policies of Article 44. At the present time, this company is one of the largest private companies which provide consulting engineering services in water industry. The company has been appreciated by privatization organization as one of the successful models of privatization.

Based on the successful results of these projects, Lar Consulting Engineers Company managed to acquire a variety of national and international certificates such as ISO9001:08, ISO14001:4, ISO18001:07, HSE with appropriate software and hardware potentials particularly skilled specialists and experts. Building on these valuable experiences and qualifications and achievements with regard to water and electricity industries such as water resources, water supply, transfer and reservation, irrigation and drainage, distribution networks, river and coasts engineering, water and wastewater and hydraulic installations, dam construction, hydroelectric and environmental power plants, etc., the company is ready to provide consultancy services in all water industry related fields. In recent years, the company managed to use its water industry experiences in other industries. Among these we can refer to designing and construction of urban installations. This company has the required experience of working with the projects of Islamic Development Bank and the World Bank.


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